Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When My Kids Imitate My Behavior

One of the hardest things about being a parent is watching my kids imitate my character flaws.  It seems I can teach them a million things in a day, but they are sure to pick up the one thing (or more) that I do wrong!  I think my kids have taught me more about myself than anyone else could have ever done.  It's not easy taking criticism from anyone, but when you see the "subtle criticism" I receive watching my kids react to certain situations I am cut deep in my heart.
I long with everything I am to break certain patterns that I possess so that my own children won't have to struggle with those same things when they become adults.  I am reminded daily that I can take every situation presented (which by the way is a lot with 5 kiddos 7 and under!) and make it a teachable moment of how Christ would want us to respond, or screw things up horribly and have to cover my tracks later and apologize and reteach everything of "what not to do."
The only way I can be the kind of mom I should is to stay close to the Lord and not become stagnant in my relationship with Him.  My one true desire in my life is to pass on my love for the Lord and desire to serve Him with all my heart.  A heart that is genuine and unselfish in every way.  If I am to do this, it is only through the grace and mercy that God grants me everyday as I fail, pray and show my kids the love and grace of God.

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  1. The fact that you can acknowledge this makes you an awesome mom!