Saturday, October 22, 2011

Can't really come up with a title at the moment for this post.  I am sitting on Saturday night home alone with the kiddos.  We came from a full day (of course)!  We attended the Harvest Family Fest (fall festival equivalent) this morning.  The kids of course enjoyed that immensely-lots of candy and fun!  Did I mention the candy?  Hudson was even eating it with the paper still attached.  We came home and chilled for the afternoon and then headed back out the door for church tonight.  It still feels a bit to attend church on Saturday night, however once I am there I forget what day it is anyway.  Pastor James is doing a message series entitled, "Lord Change Me."  It is very convicting and I have to say I feel like God brought us here to Harvest just for this! (I know that's not all true) If you have chance to go back and start with the first message and listen it would really be helpful to you, no doubt.
I think one of things that has impressed me the most about Harvest while being here is how intentional they are.  There is no way you could come to Harvest and not feel like there is a purpose in everything they do.  It has been such an encouragement and sometimes convicting to Sam and I.  They are very big on accountability and I have to say it is amazing to see in action!  Sometimes we want to say that we are just accountable to God or to myself, but life in community done right is in your face where are you in your walk with God.  No time to be shallow and look like "little Miss Perfect Christian."
God is working in my life in so many areas and I am thankful for this season of where He has us.  It is amazing what we are learning that is beyond what we thought we would be learning.
So, where is Sam tonight?  The guys in the training center got an invitation to play "Risk" some military strategy game with Pastor James tonight after church at his home.  I am sure they are enjoying themselves and I as always look forward to hearing what God is allowing him to learn and do.

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