Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So I am running out of titles for my posts, so today's does not have a title...maybe just a few random thoughts and update on what is new.  First, our van is still not fixed.  When we put it in the shop we just knew that God was going to work it out to cost $1000 or less that was promised to us, but God had other plans.  The quote we got was closer to $2000, so we thought about trading it in for something newer, God has since closed those doors and we have peace about getting things on the van fixed that will make it reliable for our upcoming move.  We do have the $1000 to work with so between Sam being able to fix a couple things hopefully it won't cost much more than that.  I know God has a plan so we are still trusting that He will provide exactly what we need in His time.
I still have not really started packing, not really because I don't need to be, but because I am such a procrastinator at times....I work well under pressure!  Seriously, I need to get busy, because going through clothes and shoes for 5 kids is not an easy task, and I guess that is why I haven't started yet.
Sam and I are both staying busy working as much as possible to save for our move.  Sam has had some recent conversations with several people about our future plans and that is very exciting!  I know God is going to do great and mighty things and I am so excited that I get to be just a small part of that.
I am excited that my mom is going to travel to Chicago with us when we move and help out with the kids.  Sam will be driving the small moving truck so she will help me drive the van, then fly home.

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