Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grace is Real

I can't believe that I am writing this post...my dad is days, even hours from passing from this life to eternity in heaven.  The grace that God has provided to me personally over the last year of this journey with dad has been unreal.  It has been scary, yes and at times very overwhelming, but the peace and grace that has given me has been so real!  I have read so many testimony's of others that have gone through similar situations and couldn't imagine being there myself and here I am.  I know the days and months ahead will be testing and trying to my complete faith and trust that God holds the future and knows everything!  Sometimes I sit back and think over the last year and think, "God, what were you really trying to do?"  I mean why does someone who loves you have to suffer?  Other times I think, "God, wow-I have learned so much about how things are not in my control or my power," and it makes it so much easier to trust.  

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  1. great post erin and very honest. we said the same thing about kevin's dad so many times. i know that it is difficult to say bye, and how can it not be. but oh how thankful we can be that the Lord through grace and mercy saved us and that one day we can see our family again in heaven rejoicing with the Lord! love you