Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Fathers Day! (Part 1)

I wrote a post called My Sweet Daddy that will cover some of what I want to express today.  The only difference is that I realize that this really may be my daddy's last Fathers Day here on earth.  You start evaluating how fragile life and time really are.  I think of all the times I took for granted that dad was just there in all his wisdom and sweetness.  Now, I can't even hear his voice anymore....I really took that for granted.  What I would give to hear him sing again (he was always singing), or for my kids to hear him say or do something silly.  Now, all they can do is tell them something exciting going on with them and hug him and tell him they love him (which they do doing random times).  The other morning Madelyn ran to their room opened the door, yelled "I love you papa and nana!" closed the door and kept right on with what she was doing.  Hudson still wanders in there several times a day to get daddy's hand to express his love.  In fact the other morning he was coughing and he kept bugging my mom like, "get in there and see what he needs!"  Watching my kids figure out where to fit in all of this has been awesome....they love him just the same, I think because they see how much their mommy loves her daddy!  

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